Our flavour is present in the best moments of life…. We take our portable grills to your party or event, in order to give you and your guests the best of our taste.

Our Services Include

Montage/assembly/putting together

  • Grills and ovens for the "tacos al pastor" (pork meat and bacon, marinated in a special sauce cooked on a spinning spit, served with a slice of pineapple in our hand made tortillas)


  • Bisteck, costilla, chuleta y pastor (beef, rib steak, pork cutlet and pastor)
  • Volcán (crisp tortillas with cheese)
  • Volcán con carne (crisp tortillas with cheese and the meat of your choice)
  • Flameadas (two handmade corn tortillas with melted cheese in the middle)
  • Gringas (pastor meat and cheese in a flour tortilla)


  • Parilleros (Grill man)
  • Pastoreros (Pastor specialist)
  • Plates and Napkins
  • Limes
  • Salsa morita, verde, molcajeteada, especial y guacamole
  • Cebollitas de cambray (prepared onions)

Cost per Person

$ 200 MXN.-
Suggested quantity per person is 6 grilled tacos or 4 grilled tacos and 4 "tacos de pastor." Minimum service requires 35 people. This does not include drinks or tax.

To Hire, Call:

  • 5331-1437
  • 5545-2889
  • 5545-3658
  • 5254-2168
  • 5531-7135
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