El Farolito offers training, consulting and support for our franchisees.

This is possible thanks to the organization and strength that El Farlolito has obtained as a business. We have been operating for 50 years and have earned a solid image, we are well positioned in the market and have the optimum cost reduction and benefits that an independent investor would unlikely be able to obtain.

El Farolito offers support to our franchisees in these areas:

  • The selection of the venue
  • Supervision of the construction plans
  • Supervision and approval of the building site
  • Coordination of the event inauguration
  • Development or provision of products and suppliers
  • Support during the first months of operation
  • Supervision and advice in the maintenance of the facilities
  • Monitoring the franchise in order to maintain the quality of food and customer service
  • Support manuals

For more information on how to obtain a franchise of El Farolito, send an email to: and we will get in touch with you.

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