Who We Are

Over the past 50 years, we have seen our clients become parents and later grandparents and because of generations of friends like you, it is important for us to share with you, not only our quality in taste, but our story, growth and effort.


The Dream

It was 1962 when El Farolito, Altata opened its door for the first time, and this is how Don Alfonso I. Coindreau's dream came true and with great effort, he was able to form a team of people willing to do the first and best "tacos al carbon". At that time this concept represented a lot more than the house specialty, Don Alfonso never imagined that he would be the forerunner of a way of preparing tacos that would later be adopted by many taquerias in México.

The Origin of our Products

El Farolito is the only taco restaurant that has an excellent control in the handling of its raw ingredients, and that is why we have our own butchery and work with the best meat, which is later taken to each and every one of our grills either in one of our restaurants or to an event we are catering.

The food factory (The making of our food)

We are the only taco restaurant that has it's own distribution centre that we call our "food factory". Everyday we receive tons of products that have been previously selected with strict quality control. Every onion, chilli (pepper), or tomato has been disinfected with special products that have been specially designed for our group.

Anything that is done at El Farolito, is elaborated with a strict set of hygiene rules and quality products, such as « la salsa especial » (our special sauce), our delicious « salsa morita » or our irresistible « guacamole ». Here we also slice, cut and grind the cheese we use, so when it gets to our grill, we are able to perfectly melt our specialties such as « faroladas » and « volcanes »

At the distribution centre our employees work under strict rules of hygiene and quality, and by following step by step each secret recipe they cook our « frijolitos charros » (slowly cooked beans with bacon, chorizo, onion and chile) or our delicious « consome de pollo» (chicken soup with vegetables, rice, chicken, avocado and cilantro). Every day we carefully prepare the special recipe that gives our « tacos al pastor » that distinct flavour that characterizes us.

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